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The new standard in office hydration

A HydroTap office water dispenser will revolutionize hydration in your workplace by offering filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water from a single tap. If you’re looking to replace a dated, inefficient office water dispenser or designing a stylish and sustainable new office choose a HydroTap by Zip Water.

Click on images below to view specs, pricing, product details or to customize your design, water functionality and style.


Healthier workplace

Workplace wellness and wellbeing is vital to your team remaining engaged and productive. Water plays a significant role in the function of the brain, so ensuring your staff have access to fresh, healthy water is essential. Zip Water research shows that 80% of Zip HydroTap owners drink more water than before*. Drinking more water offers a range of benefits, such as better concentration and less fatigue.


70 Years of Innovation

Zip products can be found in thousands offices around the world. With unrivalled expertise in instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps, Zip Water is known globally for being home to the world’s most advanced drinking water appliances. Improve the health and wellness of your staff with Zip’s market-leading HydroTap – the safe, energy-efficient and highly functional hydration solution, with models to suit a range of business sizes and needs.


Maintenance Made Easy

At Zip Water, we believe exceptional products deserve exceptional service. That’s why we offer specialized Preventative Maintenance Care (PMCare) packages keep your HydroTap system optimized to peak performance.

Learn more about our PM Care Packages options here.


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Independently certified

HydroTap office water dispensers are manufactured to comply with the highest standards and are certified to NSF/ANSI 372, NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, CSA B483.1, ASME A112.18.1-2018/CSA B125.1-18, ASSE 1087 & ASSE 1023

HydroTap Water Dispenser Certification

Responsible manufacturing

As a global organization Zip Water is dedicated to sustainability and low impact products designs with world class environmental credentials

HydroTap Water Dispenser Certification

RED list compliant

HydroTap office water dispensers are designed to meet the sustainable initiatives of the Living Building Challenge by eliminating prohibited materials shown on the LBC Red List

What Zip Water clients say

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I like my HydroTap because boiling water is readily available. My children drink the sparkling and chilled water, which has taken away the need for juice all the time.

David Bartlett
Art of Kitchen
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My HydroTap ensures our entire family is drinking enough fluid. Offering both still and sparkling water has also helped to kick our diet soft drink addiction altogether.

Susie Burrell
Leading Australian Dietitian
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My Zip HydroTap has all the bells and whistles. I highly recommend Zip HydroTap to anyone and everyone I speak to. It will not disappoint and will change your life.

Gabriel Beach
Home Owner
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ZIP Brochures

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