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The next generation of water technology

Enjoy filtered, pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water from the HydroTap by Zip Water.

Powered by our most advanced G5 Technology, the latest HydroTap system has more personalize settings and enhanced hygiene. With a HydroTap system it’s not just water, it’s water at its best.

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Hydrotap Classic Plus
Hydrotap Elite Plus

Introducing our newest tap designs

Form meets function with the sophisticated and innovative HydroTap Classic Plus and Elite Plus. Available in a range of finishes and water functions, these taps will provide the perfect complement to any kitchen in the home or workplace.


The power of G5 technology

Leading the way in performance and functionality, Zip Water’s fifth generation G5 technology continues to deliver the convenience you would expect from a HydroTap. Our superior filtration and efficient design make it the perfect water solution for any home or workplace.


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